To Patch In
SOA: Jaxs
Title: To Patch In
Author: Denyce
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Pairing(s): Opie/Jax
Rating: R
Characters: Jax, Opie, mentions of others Jax/Tara, Opie/Donna
Warnings: Un'beta'd, AU, collaring, mild puppy play
Word count: 3352
Summary: Jax realizes what he misses, Opie understands and offers him an option.
Notes: Placed in early S1. I started this a year or so ago. The bunny hit while marathoning the show, but I stall when I came to S5 and later. I have no idea if my muse will want to continue on- for now it is what it is, a one-shot.

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Fic: That took fucking forever | Jax Teller/Opie Winston | G
soa: jax/opie grin
Fandom: Sons of Anarchy
Pairing: Jax Teller/Opie Winston
Author: freaky_nea
Author's note: For de_bingo's Joker
Author's note 2: All my thanks go to Sarah, for making this fic better with her corrections and suggestions.
Wordcount: 700 +
Warnings: Slash and spoilers for episode 503 and the series finale
Disclaimer: I wished they were mine, but they are each other's and Kurt Sutter's
Title: That took fucking forever | on AO3

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Peace of Mind
Title: Peace Of Mind
Author: congeries alias importunitas
Pairing: Juice/Chibs
Rating: None
Word count: 1558

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Brothers For Life
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Burning Bright
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anatomical beat
TITLE:  Marked
FANDOM:  Sons of Anarchy
PAIRINGS:  Happy/Chibs
SUMMARY:  Somewhere around the beginning of Season Four? A Thursday night poker game at the MC Clubhouse. No hardcore porn here (at least not yet!), just boy fun times.

On my LiveJournal - MARKED

Beta request
Stock: pens
Morning =)

I’m relatively new to SoA, I just finished S5 last night and will start S6 this weekend (no spoilers please). A bunny bit and I’m inspired to write however in my experience when you mix a small fandom and a rare pairing (Jax/Opie) with kink it’s almost strike three for interest o.o However if anyone is: beta, alpha reader.

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If you're interested in any of the above lmk here, or PM, or email at: denyce36 at yahoo dot com

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Ready to Burn
Title: Ready to Burn
Author: witchofpohjola
Pairing: Tig x Jax (pre-slash)
Rating: PG-13
Word count: 862
Author's note: sequel to Ready to Crash


Ready to crash
( You are about to view content that may only be appropriate for adults. )

Ship: Chuice (established)
Tags: uHm.... implied self hate? Kind of fluff? Drabble thing, post S6E2 so uhm S6 spoilers.
Rating: Pg-13/R ish???

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