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Sons of Anarchy Slash

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Welcome to soa_slash! A Sons of Anarchy slash community.


* This is a slash fic community (male/male, female/female). If you want het fic visit soa_hetfic. Feel free to post crossover fics as well just as long as it's a slash relationship wherein at least one of the characters is from Sons of Anarchy.

* Place all fanfiction under a cut. Go here for information on how to use a LJ cut.

* Sons of Anarchy RPS (real person slash) is also fine to post here.

* Please give all fanfiction a rating and label any warnings or triggers (rape, underage, incest, extreme violence, etc.)!

* While the main point of this community is to share fanfiction, we also accept fanmixes, icons, fanart, videos, discussions, pics etc. involving slash pairings.

* After having a few spammers join and try to post at the community membership is now moderated. If you've been rejected it's most likely because your profile is sketchy (ie no friends, communities, etc.). Feel free to send me a message if you feel you were rejected by mistake.

* I've started a comment fic/kink meme. Check it out for fic ideas or leave your own fic idea for someone else.

* Suggested fic header:


* Please leave comments for the writers if you like their fic. Writers who get feedback are more likely to be inspired and keep writing.

You can contact me via private message or by commenting in this entry if you have any questions, comments, concerns, suggestions, affiliate requests, want to help out, etc.