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Beta request
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denyce wrote in soa_slash
Morning =)

I’m relatively new to SoA, I just finished S5 last night and will start S6 this weekend (no spoilers please). A bunny bit and I’m inspired to write however in my experience when you mix a small fandom and a rare pairing (Jax/Opie) with kink it’s almost strike three for interest o.o However if anyone is: beta, alpha reader.

Details: On another comm bdsm_fandom I was inspired to write a one-shot ficlet with the prompt collars. I like what I have but started to think it could go further and get more involved. Another comm bdsm_bigbang is about to open sign-ups and I’m considering not posting the ficlet and expanding this one-shot for the bigbang. However besides finishing the draft, I’d need a beta and possibly an artist. None of my betas are into SoA (as of yet!) One-shots under 2-3k I don’t mind posting un’beta’d, but anything longer I do prefer to have beta’d. So I figure I’d try to find a beta now before I commit to a bigbang because if there’s no interest I’ll just stick to what I have and just post the one-shot. If you are interested in: beta, alpha reader, or artist (I’m finishing in another bigbang (rare fandoms/pairings and the artists that signed up bailed, so we’re on our own).

Again the pairing is Jax/Opie, bdsm atm the one-shot is set up and rated pg-13 (only for adult situation) it’ll go up to a hard R/NC-17 when I’m done. Time frame: the draft is due July 11th, posting starts Sept 15th

Plot: AU early S1 (I’m messing with the timeline as Tara hasn’t returned to Charming yet.) Prospect members before they’re patched in also have to wear a collar and the hazing applies to being sexually available for any member of the club. Jax and Opie are already patched in, but under life’s pressures Jax misses what the collar did for him. Behind closed doors Op helps him.

If I go into the bigbang, I hope to explore more of their relationship and add in Opie/Donna, Jax/Tara (note no Tara or Donna bashing or lessening the importance of their roles & love with their SO). I’m not looking to write an epic, but I do see it rounding up to 10-15k and going up to S5.

If you're interested in any of the above lmk here, or PM, or email at: denyce36 at yahoo dot com

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No time to beta but I wanted to say HELLS YEAH to a new SoA writer. Bring it!

YAY, thank you!! Looks like I'll have a beta, so it'll be a bigbang. Sadly it also means I won't be posting until Sept, but it'll be a longer piece. I might write a snip here and there along the way, but I'm not sure if it'll be slash- I have a few (kink- spanking) thoughts of Clay/Gemma. If I do I'll post any non-slash over on sonsofanarchytv and AO3 under Denyce. \o/ for the encouragement =)

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